Medford AutoCare Center LLC
3811 Crater Lake Hwy #A
Medford, OR 97504
42.3732973 -122.8566098
4.81/5.00 average rating
52 reviews
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  Scott 05/26/2016
Great people..Quality work
  Ray 04/29/2016
My Car died in the middle of Craterlake highway last week and after a few phone calls and a few searches on my smart phone. I found Medford AutoCare. After a short tow from Dick's towing (very friendly) we arrived at at Medford AutoCare Center where the diagnosis was a dead alternator. The guys replaced it in under an hour and charged me less then the national average..... Thank you... Medford AutoCare Center.... ! Excellent service.
  Scott 04/07/2016
  Richard 04/07/2016
I was 100% Satisfied with my service!
  Kathleen 02/26/2016
When a vehicle owner finds a shop with both knowledgeable and efficient, personable mechanics whose rates are reason-able for the quality of service and product provided, why would he/she go in search of another auto repair shop? Thank you Mark Fulton and Medford AutoCare Center! We appreciate you.
  Eric Laura 02/11/2016
Open and honest about what will be done. No pressure to do "additional" things while performing scheduled maintenance of your vehicle.
  Darewin & Dee Dee 02/05/2016
We are very happy with the professional service and reasonable prices we receive when having our vehicles serviced or repaired. Very trustworthy and friendly!
  David 01/21/2016
They always treat me like a real person and not just a number.
  Darewin & Dee Dee 01/15/2016
Every time we need their services, they work with us to find a convenient appointment time, do the work as scheduled, and they give us the information we need to make informative choices about keeping our vehicles safe & sound. We love Medford AutoCare Center!
  Don 12/11/2015
Always a pleasure getting my work done by people i can trust to do it right the first time!
  Robert / Karen 12/03/2015
I have had no one but Medford Auto Care maintain and repair my cars for the past 7 years. They are sharp, courteous, accommodating and more than fair on the pocket book. I have put alot of money our on my cars and i just wont trust anyone to take care of them. I choose Medford Auto Care. Thanks Guys!!!
  Dennis 10/19/2015
  Levi & Vicky 10/13/2015
The guys did a great job addressing the problem, and was quick to find a resolution.
  Randy 10/08/2015
Fast and friendly service. Best price around. Thank you and your staff.
  Scott 08/27/2015
Great job on fixing my vehicle.
  Scott 08/27/2015
Good value. Great service . Mark is an honest man.
  Don 08/07/2015
The place to Go where service is great, affordable, and the people know their business.
  Daniel 07/02/2015
I was very satisfied with the service at MAC. When we had them pre-check our car before a vacation, they thoroughly inspected and found a few issues which saved us from being stranded. Their quotes were reasonable and didn't add a bunch of unnecessary repairs to raise our bill. I even cross checked their cost and diagnostics with my old trusted mechanic from my hometown and they agreed on most everything! Very professional and a great shop. Will be going there for all future repairs.
  Bob Jo Anne 07/02/2015
Would not take any of our vehicles anywhere else.
  Larry 04/16/2015
I appreciate all you've done that enabled odo 367,000miles on this Prius. I made decision to replace engine since severe headgasket leak & worn crankshaft bearings and now presently 50mpg, I look forward to your service to get another 500,000 miles out of car. That decision seemed better than engine rebuild or car replacement, so that next car can be electric car or maybe electric with hydrogen powering a fuelcell stack.
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